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I work 2 jobs, enjoy my co-workers, I volunteer,i go to a support group, I exercise, I try to eat well, I laugh and smile with others but deep inside I still feel empty. In the moment I had a romantic interest. I thought a companion would help me feel more purpose....I would dream of our life together and feel hope in having a family. This feeling of emptiness drives me crazy. It goes to the point t where I don't want to do anything anymore. I love being with people but when they're gone it's just me and God. ..

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Loneliness can affect us all at different times, in different ways.

From time to time, we all experience the odd bout of loneliness. Sometimes it can creep up on us and leave us feeling physically or emotionally distanced from other people. Loneliness doesn’t just strike when we’re by ourselves, either. It can be just as easy to feel lonely in a group of people when you’re feeling disconnected.

Those feelings of loneliness can lead to stress, anxiety, and health problems. We need to find someone to share with amongst our network of family and friends.

My psych believes pets have the power to heal our hearts and has suggested I sign up for one. Her prescription for healthier living comes with four legs and fur, possibly a dog from a rescue home to get me walking or to foster guide dog puppy. I am still thinking about this pet therapy :)


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Hi I am sorry you feel so empty and cannot really enjoy life. I felt the same way until I came across childhood emotional neglect which explained many things for me. I have included a link for you so have a look as this might help you too. x


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