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I don't know anymore

What is happy? what is sad? what is excited? what is it like to be anything but empty? I can't remember anymore. This life... its sooo... black and white and boring and meaningless. What is the purpose of living? I don't have a purpose in this life and that... that feeling is the same as being dead so why can't I just die? This life it means nothing. does any life mean anything when it's inevitble that we die? I can't change the world or start a revolution so is this... all this is it really even worth it?

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I know how you feel I am going through the same trust me on this

A few of us are going through the same

I know it's boring

But we are out on this planet for a reason and you only have one life, so even though it's shit, in my case I have no family, friends and the love of my life broke up with me a month ago,

I am completely lost, but I am living right now because the way life works is everyday is a new day, new challenges, new struggles and hopefully through those struggles some sort of or little ray of happiness, just go through it, u have to

Please for me just live

Time changes and heals everything and that's just how life works


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