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I don't know what to do


I'm tired of being me. I feel like I can't do anything, like I'm not even worth. The feeling that I'm going to die as someone who has not done anything with his life is killing me.

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I know how you feel sweetie. I'm there too. You're welcome to speak to me anytime.

Peace ~

Thank you so much. I guess I'm not the only one who feels that way. Hope you get through this

I too feel like that as well. I look in the mirror at times and I don’t like what I see and there’s days I don’t even want to be around me and think why would anyone else want to be around me. It is a constant struggle and tug of war to put those feelings aside and try and think something positive. It’s not that those feelings disappear but rather being able to see it beginning to happen and start to redirect those negative feelings to get to a positive.

I understand what you are saying. But what do I do when I feel like whatever I do is wrong. And that I'm always making the wrong choice.

As hard as it is to do, you have to try and look yourself in the mirror and say out loud that everything is not my fault and I am a good person and I will get through this. Write it down and say a bunch of times till you start to feel a bit more relaxed. If all your brain hears is the negative, it begins to be reality, so changing what your hearing will start to soak in. It will take a while for it show a response, but do that every day and ad some other positive things to it as you go.

I will take that advise. I could learn that myself. Thank you 2getbetter!

Your welcome Becky- I need to listen to my own advice sometimes. I look to this forum to help me with my struggles, but if I can in turn help 1 person, that brings a smile to my face.

So? Who says what the "right"...

Pardon my French but, screw what people say right is...they most likely don't even know what the heck they're saying anytime way.

One thing for sure...feeling guilty sure ain't gonna get you through this...why not just drop the guilt?

Peace ~

Stop feeling so guilty! 😇

Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. I struggle daily as well. I force myself to write goals weekly which I never seem to achieve but when I take a step back and look at my life I see some achievements. Pick small wins and invest in people. Try a new activity. I’m coming to learn and realize that there is no quick fix for me, i am this way and i needed to learn how to try maintain a positive state. I also talk to a therapist which isn’t necessarily easy to do but helps me get out of negative states.

Dennis1110 in reply to nimon

The goals are the worst thing, because when you don't achieve them you start thinking that you disappointed everyone around you. I'm really glad to hear that you are getting out of this, even if it's slowly. Nobody deserves to feel this way. Really Appreciate your comment

Sometimes my goals have to be simpled up, some days it’s I got up and brushed my teeth and took a shower- great job! Then ad another small one. I have more days of being in a fog and not able to get much done, so at least the little ones I can say I did something important. To others who don’t live with this, they wouldn’t understand and might laugh at me, but I know it’s a big deal to count even the littlest of things because if I don’t, I don’t have much else to show and then it brings me down.

Dennis, I notice you said "disappoint everyone around you" - that means you take what people think of you over what YOU think of you.

And when you're worling on a goal & then don't achieve it...don't start off big but small otherwise it will likely be a never ending cycle...so start small. Even if it's just taking a breath in the morning....be honest with yourself...don't fallow people to pressure you like. Who cares what "they" think...

Anyway I hope you don't mind my interjection...I just can't stand to see people in pain...

I hope to see you allot better. Be well.

I'm in same boat as you my friend and best advice i can give you is there is someone somewere that has it lot worse so try to make most of what you have enjoy the little things in life and try to do more save some money go plan a trip or go camping buy a pet or volunteer somewere it will get better hang in there and stay positive!!

I swear that I try to enjoy little things in life. But they just seem to get overwhelmed by all the bad things

I understand what your saying...I too felt that way not too long ago, and sometimes it does get in my head. But you know, you have the ability to change that. I'm on anti-depressants which level out my emotional roller coaster somewhat, and I also am trying to write. I've been working on a book for a while, it's a labor of love, and a work in progress...but you know...I will have left something of myself when I leave this rock in space. It may amount to nothing to most, but it's something to me, and that's what is important. Do you like to do anything creative, wood work, ceramics, painting, writing, etc. It gives you some peace just doing these things, it's your thing for your own self expression. Don't worry about what anyone else things about what you create, your doing it for you.

I honestly love all kinds of art. And I would love to be an artist myself. But you know I'm not really good at it and I just feel bad making it because it's not as good as others people's. Also I would love to read something of what you are writting glad to hear that you found something that makes you just happy.

you don't have to be an artist to do crafts drawing, painting, writing,etc....it's self-expression, it's only for you, it does not matter what other people think, Do what makes YOU happy...there was an art therapy course I took some years back, and the first thing they tell you is, this is not about being an artist, your doing this simply to express your feelings, and it was exactly what I needed. I used to be so critical of my work, until I finally realized, you make things that make you happy, and if someone else likes it, that's nice, if they don't, they can keep their opinion to themselves, I didn't make my art for them, I made it because it makes me smile.

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