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Been told today

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Hi all. New here.

I have been told by my gp today that i have severe depression. Previously. I was always wondering if I had depression. And just denied it over the years. And kept it bottled up.

I am now 31 and in shock that i have been diagnosed with severdepression. I didn't even realise people class it as a disability. That's how naive i was. I realise now that i have good days and bad days from being homeless and living in a car with now a roof over my head things are starting to look better.

But there dark days where i just don't know how to talk to people how i feel. Or what to say.

How do you guys cope day to day or is different for everyone. Sorry im new.

3 Replies

I was naive too when I was depressed around 15 ? I would be staring at blank spaces and didn’t realize until a doctor mentioned my behavior. I didn’t even know that anxiety is something that happens to people. I’m sorry I can’t answer your question on how i cope day to day but I just do. Exercise did save me from depression though. I’m sure everyone is different :p


I'm so sorry that you're feeling this way, but very glad that you now have a roof over your head!!!

Are you seeing a doctor regularly and taking medication? Is there anyone helping you adjust to life in a home after living in a car? Do you have any family nearby?

It's not for everyone, but churches often open their doors wide to people in need. If there's one you can relate to, calling the minister might be a good place to start.

Some social service agencies offer caseworkers that can help people who have been homeless adjust to their new lives.

Lots of us here feel anxious about talking to new people. It's hard for me, too! You have definitely come to the right place. Please keep posting and let the caring people here help.


I feel this way too! I’m 24 and recently diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety. There may be bipolar and psychosis aspects, but we’re not sure. It’s really overwhelming to finally get confirmation that what you’re feeling is actually an illness. It’s relieving in some ways because you don’t have to prove how you feel to anyone anymore, but now it’s a reality and something that has to be taken care of. I’m still unsure how to cope with this new way of looking at myself, but I think at least it’s given me a reason to be kinder to myself.

I hope the best for you and am here to talk!


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