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Another bad day, why?

I've had another bad day, i've been trying to keep myself active so that i don't feel anxious however i woke up this morning feeling weird. My left side was feeling weak and my heart was racing, i started to find it hard to breath and it hasn't stopped since. everyone keeps saying to me it will pass the feeling will go but its been 6 hours and i still feel very low and i'm scared. Scared im dying. I can't help it and i want it to go away, i've gone out for a bit and i've tried sleeping hoping it would go away but nothing is helping. My anxiety is getting worse. It starting to make me paranoid i feel like every time it is happening i need an ambulance. Is this normal? i don't understand why this keeps happening i'm not stressed out nor anxious about anything but i'm scared, scared of death. I'm too young to die. I'm only 20 years old, and this feeling makes me feel so sad and depressed. It makes me cry all the time and these feelings keep happening more and more often. No one out here understands my pain. Make it go away, i want someone to make it go away. This fear is horrible and it's frightening, it doesn't help thinking about it but i can't help it. I'm even finding it hard to sleep at night incase i never wake up!

is this normal? To have this feeling all day?

Is this anxiety or depression? Fear or paranoia?

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I'm not a professional so I couldn't help you there. But what I can tell you from experience that even the smallest things can trigger anxiety in me. I am so extremely hypersensitive to my surroundings. All it takes is for someone to say or do something minor for me to be affected by it. I have a good and bad days as well and today actually is a bad day as well!! for no particular reason. I hope you can get help and that you know that we are all here for you and that I am also in the same boat! thanks for sharing


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