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Sunday Stress

Anyone else get overly anxious before the work week starts? Once I'm back at work I'm good but my mind goes crazy worrying about what the week will bring. Sundays have always been rough for me, my heart rate is high, overly irritated, can't sleep, nightmares... I'm going to get back into the gym to help release some of that built up emotion but I'm not sure what else I can do. I'm starting to wonder if it is my job or if it is just my anxiety. I have a high stress and high expectation job, but I feel like it is harder on me than my coworkers because of my anxiety.

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I am sure we dont need to talk about the dangers of stress. Coupling that anxiety and you have an even more dangerous health-risk cocktail. Have you asked yourself if your job is worth it?

You mention always having rough Sundays - can you elaborate on that?

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We are all conditioned by culture to fit in a single mold.

Its starts with you're upbringing/education while

nature is very busy to create unique individuals and things, not 2 leafs are the same, culture does the opositse.

by filling our brains with rubbish and its that rubbish that forms our reality and what we call ourselves.

At some point mind and body can revolt against this unnatural conditioning.

On the other hand we need the conditioning to function sainly and survive in a specific society.

Actualy there is no way out for the organism.

Accept it or be very very unhappy.


Were stuck in a jungle, you can go to another place in this jungle, looking for another job but similar problems will arise, maibe less harsh or maybe even worse, its inevitable.


There is a few reasons why it could be rougher on a Sunday and maybe it would help you to have a think about a few things.

I found that I if I finished a Friday at work, by ensuring that I sorted out my task list for the following week and reviewed my appointments that it meant things wouldn't bother me so much at the weekend. I also found that ensuring anyone that was reporting to me had progress reports done at specific times in the week so that no one needed to stress over who was doing what and when.

Also I know from watching others I worked with that the varying caffeine levels from work to the weekends seemed to have an effect on them.

You may also want to plan your weekends out better so that your body and mind become more attuned to the fact that your weekends are your time.

Also remembering the saying "I work to live, NOT live to work." is really useful.

If anything did crop up at the weekends in my thoughts about work then I'd either write it down on a note pad, or somethings I would call my works voicemail and level a message, Or record a voice note on my phone.

I also found that reminding the bosses from time to time that I worked to live, not lived to work was a good reminder to them that I had options. (Some of my managers didn't get it though. )

Going to the gym will help because healthy eating and exercises does help with stress and anxiety, but please take a look at what is happening at your work.

Do you get a chance to have time on a Monday morning to have a quick catch-up and a chance to review your emails from the weekend or is it just straight into the deep-end? Maybe if you have back to back meetings every Monday morning you should try and set time aside first thing on a Monday, so that you can catch-up and ease into the working week rather than having to do all the thinking about meetings and issues and things on a Sunday. Train yourself to having that half-hour or hour on a Monday may be helpful.

I hope some of these ideas help. :-D


Yes! In some jobs I've found the anticipatory anxiety of going there is actually worse than the job itself. The gym sounds like a good idea. I used to also try to have a really fun Sunday routine so that Monday's stayed off my mind and I came to look forward to Sunday. It was just simple stuff I liked, like going to the bookstore, a movie, antique stores, hiking in a park, stuff like that

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Yes. And I'm being bullied at work. I've just come home early actually.


Yes, and it is the same with many things that I have too mch time to think about, such as travel. It never used to bother me. I just got on with it. I remembered today though that I used to rely heavily on lists. I even at one time had a list of my lists. Once I wrote it down I could relax. My ex-husband ridiculed my lists and I gradually stopped doing them and tried to be more spontaneous like him. His spontaneity though took him off with another woman. It is taking me a long time to get back to being me. Today I wrote a list and managed to tick off a few things that I would have sat there and tried to do, and got nowhere. Ok, it might be old-fashioned, but it works for me. I will also build in the old trick of setting out the clothes for tomorrow and taking a few moments to plan my morning and think through what is to be done, before I go to bed. Stuff this spontaneity thing.

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