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Setting in

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I'm finally home after a long day and suddenly after work, food shopping, physical therapy, and cooking 🍳 plus a shower 🚿 as I now lay here in my bed suddenly anger is setting in. I don't know why but I took my meds already except for my xanax trying to hold off so I can spend my time with my bf since it knocks me out cold but I am now I'm mad 😡 and angry 😤 and really feel like screaming at him when he gets home 🏡 I feel the urge to just want to take it all out on him.

What the hell is wrong with me ?

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You know what is wrong with're angry and he's the first, and at this moment, the safest target you'll have. But don't...just don't.

You are probably experiencing frustration, which is a combination of anger and fear, and you have nothing you can actually touch to vent it on. I recommend plastic baseball bats and a sturdy tree and you beat the hell out of the tree. Find something you can spend that energy on before he comes home. I get really pi**ed at times about my mental health issues. It's normal...just find something safe to take it out on.

I did a few days ago I took a hammer at 2 am in the morning and smashed plates and glass ware

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HearYou in reply to Loki1018

That will do it! Hurry up and do it again before he gets home.

When I was younger, I would pick up cheap, chipped cups from second hand stores and throw them against concrete block basement wall. But not at 2 a.m.

Did you scare anyone?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this rage sometimes .. it will just hit me out of nowhere and i can’t be around anyone because everything pisses me off

What are you angry at? A person? Situation? Thing?

What is the "root?"

The root is everything above and nothing too at the same time woke up this morning irritated also I think also I'm used to taking my meds early by 8 am but when I'm off it's when ever I wake up like today I was up at 10:30 but I just am annoyed and just want to be left alone and got my 2 step daughters as soon as I wake up bombarding me and it jut overwhelming this is a new change my bf just got full custody and I'm used to dealing with them on weekends and my job is one weekend on and one off so it was just to early for me to feel like dealing with anything and anyone. I'm at physical therapy and I don't even feel like going home which I'm not after this I need space and room to breathe feel like I'm suffocating in my house

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