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recovery or relapse?

hi everyone i'm new to the group.

I was diagnosed with depression, it was a long battle, but i got through it.

As the winter months approach, i seem to be feeling like i want to lie in bed more, mope around, sleep. I do feel like my feelings might start creeping up on me especially when the clocks go back.

I am basically worried and am looking for advice or who to go to.

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Sounds similar to SADs seasonal affective disorder, often the darkness makes us feel much worse as the days are shorter. Are you currently on any medication or therapy regime?


i was actually first diagnosed with depression in may...affects me all year round :/ i just know the winter months make it worse. i was on medication but have stopped taking it a while back...just not feeling myself at the moment


may of 2014


Sure depression is all year round and relentless at times. would you consider getting advice and thinking about going back on your medication as a little helping hand? Has anything happened recently to trigger this onset?


definately i was in america all summer being active and now im back in the UK where the weather is gloomy + cold and im sat in a room doing work...

looking to seek help but dont know whether i should


the weather is flaming miserable isn't it? I am at work too and when fighting anxiety and depression it's so hard. I don't think you have anything to lose. Perhaps see your GP and see what they suggest. take care


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