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Recovery time for an anxiety attack


Last Wednesday, i had an anxiety attack. here is how the math went this time:

* 24 hours to recover from the physical pain and law energy.

* almost 4 days to recover my concentration and start functioning well; dress up, eat healthy, go out, and start attending to my work duties .

I do acknowledge the progress i've made over the last couple of months but then i would like to move to the next level; less time for the attack ( i would not mind not getting any of those) and less recovery time. If anyone familiar on how to get there, please, guide me.

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I am sorry your going through such a tough time with these anxiety attacks....that's brutal. I know a lot of people here post about their anxiety and how they cope with it, it's worth reading some of the posts and comments. I also found this site, it may have some tips:

Thank you for recommending reading old posts; that was useful. i got so many useful ideas. It also helped realize things i was not aware of.

Though i have recovered from health fear sometime back, the link was also helpful in understanding how unfounded fear start and the best way to about. I am applying the strategy followed by the writer. Definitely navigating articles on depression and anxiety will be my top take of your recommendation.

Truly, thank you.

I am very glad that all helped....

Nicesomebody. I am so sorry that you are even going through this, but I am so happy and proud that you are making strides in the right direction. For me, I do best when I start to recognize the pre symptoms so that I can sit down, relax, and get my mind right. I truly believe it all starts with our thinking. I know that you will get to a good place as you keep working on it. Stay positive and know that you are strong! I am praying for strength.

Thank you APOR2017. I am tracking dawn my initial thoughts that get my emotions disturbed. i am not yet at the stage where i could immediately realize that my thoughts are trying to run the show. i am working on being present.

I really appreciate your support.


Good for you for a good anxiety managing. These thing are very hard i know from my own experience. Im trying sevrel self care methods to help reduce the panic and anxiety like mindfulness meditation. For me it help to walk and deep breathing in nature when possible. And somtimes i have no choice but to take emergency meds. Lots of good luck :)

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Thank you heyoya2. It is a daily struggle but over the years, i started developing coping skills.

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