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Alternative to Cymbalta

I am on 90mg of cymbalta and my insurance doesn't cover it. I had a MDE when I went to generic.. I need a new medication that works.. I've spent so long to find cymbalta and now it's not effective. I've been depressed and just experiencing side effects. Anybody go from cymbalta to another antidepressant that helped? Desperate to feel better.

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There is generic brands less expensive than Cymbalta. If in USA check on line how to contact the pharmaceutical company that produces Cymbalta to see if it has assistance programs. Wellbutrin is another med and can be taken with Cymbalta or by itself.

Am assuming you are looking for an antidepressant. Generic form of Cymbalta is a common med in USA so do you know why your insurance is no longer covering it and check to see if there is an appeal or over ride process that your physician may help to have the med covered in your case. Depends why the insurance does not cover it now.


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