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Bad relationship?

Help! Please!

This is my second post since i dont know how to handle the current situation at the moment.

Like i mentioned in previous post, i have had some bad experience in my past with some people which caused me anxiety, depression and loads of stress that took me in a very dark place. After some hard work from my councellors and therapists i was able to come out of it alive.

I have been married since 24th nov '16, but ever since this marriage got arranged, my would-be in-laws at that time had been twisting my words and complaining to people about how i behave.

To be honest i find myself quiet reserved around people i dont fully know, so i do not open much to them. So we kinda passed it off since i didnt opened up to them much.

Till now there have been many things including fights, bad days, even jokes that other person misunderstood most the time... My last post was written when a preliminary diagonosis revealed signs of PTSD and i was overwhelmed by all the emotions and sickness after a conversation with my in-laws. Well today, my husband and my in-laws did it again and this time dragged my family into the conversation as well. They know i m sick and on meds but do not understand for what. After that my father-in-law twists those past incidents and blame my family for not teaching me how to behave with in-laws and what duties should i fulfill.

On one side to stop me from hurting myself because of PTSD, my mind has kind of tuned my emotional state to OFF. On other side i do fear for my family members as how they will all handle this situation?

My father-in-law even said that he would do anything for his family like i pose a threat to them. Well if i really seem that muh threatening then why he even tries to make me choose whether i wish to stay or i want to leave. They have already made up their mind it seems and i might be going to do that as well.

Right now ending this madness and this relationship seems the best choice. But i do not want to ignore the fact that i m going through a rough patch myself and it would be nicer if someone can help me decide what is right and what is not?

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