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Dropping feeling in chest.

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Hey guys! I need reassurance here! So I've still been having the weird feelings in my chest. It's a dropping sensation and it feels like I've dropped from a rollercoaster but instead of it being in my stomach, the feeling is in my chest. Just recently had an event monitor but while wearing it I didn't catch any of the episodes but the results came back normal. Idk what it is. Someone help!

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Hello there stranger 😁 Sounds like palpitations too me. I get them at times that feel like what you're explaining. Hope all is well otherwise

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kinikia95ADAA Volunteer

I'm so glad you got the monitor! Nice to hear a doctor taking things seriously. Having said that it sounds like you're okay. Loveydovey may be on to something with the palpitations. I'm glad everything came back normal but I can understand if it still feels wrong. Gas can also be a factor. Please take reassurance in the good results and don't be afraid to contact the doctor if anything changes but it sounds like you're good. I think most of us here have a hard time trusting doctors, it's just our way. Again, so happy your doctor took it seriously. How are you now?

Hi msmit515 , I think I know what you are talking about. It's quite different to palpitations or anything that could be associated with the heart. I have had this a number of times, but nothing untoward has happened as a result. It is a wierd feeling. As you say, as if you are dropping and then instantly you stop dropping. I don't know when was the last time this happened to me and I certainly can't pinpoint what I could have done for it to have stopped. However, I think it happened whenever I was trying to relax. But it was a few months ago. Try to get out in the fresh air and walk at least 30 minutes a day. I have been doing this for a number of months and this might have helped. As I say, I can't pinpoint what it is I have been doing to stop this, but I think being more active outside in the fresh air will help. The other thing that's just crossed my mind is that if you are anxious, it could help to take something mild that relaxes you and takes away the tension, something like valerian. I have been taking this regularly for a number of months and it has helped level me out. Sorry I can't be more help.

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Lladd77 in reply to Terricotta

I thought i was the only one, this just started happening to me, i totally relate to everything you said! It seems to be only when im lying down and its so hard to explain plus its a quick drop feeling but keeps happening, like a roller coaster feeling almost tickles even if that makes sense

Ok hun stress can leave to stokes so just watch out of it going up and down left arm and into jaw. I have it bad and been hospitalized for it. People that suffer offen care about others more then themselves I'm here for you

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msmit515 in reply to Jena321xoxo

I'm confused on what you're saying.

I have no phone service I'm on messenger jena Mathis. Hit me up of tou need to talk been here done this everday living by a thread but Breen thru counseling can help if need be.

It has to be Anxiety honestly I just started getting these and I'm 17 I have been worrying about my health lately I worried alot about my health when I was a kid and its starting to come back again and now I'm starting to get these dropping sensations in my chest exspecially when I lay down mostly but I think it's anxiety your having cause i recently starting worrying so much that I'm starting to get anxiety really bad so don't worry I'm sure everything is fine:)

Have you found anything out yet? I have the same problem and it gets so bad that I have to get up and pace to wear myself out multiple times a night. I hate it. It feels like I am falling constantly. I thought I was the only one that has that happened too. Doctors think I am crazy, they just don't get it. Also when I hear squeaking while people are walking with sneakers on a tile floor I feel like stabbing myself in my solar plexus because it is like hearing someones fingernails on a chalkboard and it about kills me. It makes that falling sensation 100 times worse.

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Lladd77 in reply to tanab

Do you mean sounds can make the feeling even more intense? Certain noises almost startle me and crazily intensifies the dropping feeling otherwise it happens when im lying down, i just want it to stop!

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tanab in reply to Lladd77

Yep. like if I am watching tv and there is a basketball game on, the shoes that screech while they are running around kill me. I literally pace back and forth for 3 or 4 hrs to try and burn myself out to make that feeling stop. same if I hear someone writing on a dry verse board and that squeak it makes just kills me.

I just like you do you still feel it

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