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Good Morning Everyone!

I've been under the weather, but wanted to all thank you for being there for me! You all are always on my mind! So thankful that I found this site!


Today is a clean slate,

What ever we do will become history!

Have a joyous day!

Once again thank you all!!!!!!!!!

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Good Morning to you. It is a new day. What are you doing today?

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Well recovering from the flu. I have some chicken gray starting, sounds so good to me~ Comfort food! How about you? XXX

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Catwoman227 in reply to

I hope you feel better soon. What's chicken gray? I have some anxiety today. I have a Lady I need to call about Job training. 😀💧

It's chicken in gravy with peas , carrots, celery & onions in gravy and you can serve it over dumplings, mashed potato's, biscuits or toast! YUMMY! I wish you all the best with your job training! Lots of hugs & love!!!!!!!!!!!!XXX

Oh and thank you for sending me wishes to feel better!!!!! Sending you joy! XXX

Your so Welcome! Sorry to get back late to you. It sounds good actually. Are you feeling better? I'm feeling anxiety lately. Need to get back on my meds(pazil,Trazadone).

I don't feel that much better! This flu is nasty! Chicken gravy was superb!!!!!!!

You make my day all the time! I hope you feel better and get back soon! ❤️

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Thank you Tink...How are you doing? big hugs!!!!!!! XXX

I'm giving it my best! My hubby is home so he can spoil me,,big cry baby, hahaha! Have sweet dreams & a wonderful morning!!!!!!!!!!! Big Hugs! XXX

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