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Thinking a lot

I was thinking lately about how sometimes we feel like we need an escape but we have nowhere to go but we just need a break....a real, true break from everything. We can't escape from our depression or anxiety. We can't really escape from our jobs, children and other responsibilities. I am not suicidal; I never have been. But I was wondering if maybe that is why some people are...they just want to escape, to run away and hide. We keep ourselves so isolated that we often don't think about the people that do care about us.

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You can escape by having something to do by yourself with no interference from anyone else. Something that takes your mind away from it all even if its only for an hour or two per week.

You could also escape by taking your loved ones to do something with you every do often. A day out or whatever, just a change of scenery for you all.


I've been thinking a lot about the escaping scenario lately. I took a break from work and am visiting family in another state at the moment but the anxiety and depression is still with me.


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