Anxiety attack

Omg! I was just woken up out of my sleep with the worst anxiety attack ever! My chest was burning and I started sweating! I wanted to run out of my house to where I don't know. All I know is I felt like running. I had to keep telling myself to calm down its not real and everything is fine. So I picked up the phone and started writing. I have a very stressful job and I go back Tuesday after being off for 5 weeks and I'm scared to death! I'm not sure why but I am. I am looking for some kind words to help me get my mind off my issues!


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  • Hi there. I'm sorry you experienced this more common than you realise nightmare.....anxiety loves to creep up on us and doesn't have a day, time....just a bl**dy awful agenda. I remember wanting to do exactly the same, like you, I wrote and wrote so I had something to focus on. What I don't want you to do is fear this may happen again, often worrying(albeit understandably so) will then cause you not to sleep. I've been off here for a little away as my client list tripled lol. I'm back and if I can help matter what time...write away. Everyone on here is supportive so pls feel free to chat away. Janie

  • While...i meant little while not away. Darn the auto correction lol

  • Thank you! This burning in my chest feels like I'm dying and I started coughing like I was going to puke! I had to talk myself down!

    I'm feeling a little better but need sleep desperately!

  • Hay Janie,

    I work in social service too. I think my job is killing me slowly. I need to get out of there! I need a job close to home making they same money or better so I can take care of my kids! I'm trying to put it in Gods hands but my body is not seeing it that way! Help! I'm desperate

  • I'm so sorry I'm replying days later. That's not very good support for you, I apologise for that. I dont ever put anything in anyone's else's hands(inc 'G'). I do however understand where you are coming from. I learnt along time ago that it's a lonely place to be....and my goodness your body will let you know. I feel for you due to being there. Sleep wise....i know these are herbal and always ALWAYS consult your gp before taking anything inc herbal, I have used nytol herbal. I've been on the lot prescription wise to help me sleep as it's exhausting isn't it?. They simply helped me settle, that then helped me nod off. My mind tends to race and there's never enough hours in the day (I'm certain you'll know that feeling) and i wouldn't be able to get my breath...the cycle starts again!. I also found chatting on here a great help as there's always usually someone to speak to early hours. Have you had any support from professionals at all? Once again I'm sorry for the late reply. J

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