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Prolonged anxiety/panic attack


This is a first time for me. I have been suffering from a panic attack that came out of no where and landed me in the ER. I thought I was doing really well. I go to therapy bi-weekly, I do yoga, mostly eat well and meditate. It started with a cold and a racing heart. I ended up going to urgent care because I tried to practice yoga and I couldn’t. My heart was racing to hard my hands were shaking. I went to urgent care, from there they sent me to the ER for an abnormal EKG. After hours of testing at the ER they diagnosed me with panic attack and severe dehydration. You think I’d feel better because I got a clean bill of health, right but a week later I still have a racing heart and a fear that something is wrong with me. I have been waking in the night with a racing heart. It’s terrifying. It’s hard to determine what is causing the racing heart. Everything is really ok but I can’t seem to get a hold of myself. It’s exhausting. Even when I try to relax I still have this overwhelming sense of doom. I am looking for some sort of relief. My doctor prescribed Benadryl for anxiety. It’s not helping just making me feel weird. A chemical type sleep. Any suggestions??? Thank you

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My first day on here as well. And almost everything you’re describing are things I experience daily. Most of the time my anxiety and panic always starts with my heart. It’s very difficult to calm down and not have thoughts and feelings constantly off the rails. I’ve been to the ER multiple times and I’ve gotten every test imaginable. Same thing everytime.. I’m fine. I’ve read a lot on the topic of anxiety and panic in relation to our fight, flee, or freeze response and there is always one resounding theme which is that the more attention we give it the more we feed those thoughts and feelings. I’m working to sit with the feeling and let it pass. Easier said than done but maybe that could be a start for you? There is a video on you tube about the 5-second rule . And also a reading from Claire weekes who seems to be a good resource on anxiety recovery . Best of luck to you. You’re not alone.

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Thank you. It’s so hard to shake. This feeling of impending doom. The physical symptoms are so confusing. It’s hard to really put your finger on what’s what. When I wake from a sound sleep with a pounding heart how do I convince myself I am physically fine? What do you do to fight it off? I feel Ike I am missing out on so much.

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I know the feeling exactly and despite my best efforts the truth is sometimes I’m not able to fight it off and I fall back to taking a Xanax but I only do that once per month or so. All medical professionals I’ve talked to tell me over and over that none of this is going to hurt me despite how scary it gets. But It’s ruined a lot of things for me as well, weddings, vacations, family events... you name it. Some how I’ve been able to continue doing things but I’m spinning out in my head most of the time. Some things that have helped me though have been working out first thing in the morning to burn off some of that nervous energy, meditation before bed, tea throughout the day, taking my dog to the park, going to therapy, getting massages, mowing the lawn or doing anything that requires my full attention. I’ve tried to be more open about my struggle with friends and family and most importantly my girlfriend. Until you experience it it’s hard to imagine that anxiety can cause all of those terrifying physical symptoms but it can and does. You’ll have to find that list of things that give you some relief. I would highly recommend working with a therapist they’ll have some strategies that may work for you. I’ve also had some success with taking beta blockers from time to time, it’s helped with my racing heart beat. Again, I’m not a professional but I’ve been through this struggle for long time and it sucks but I keep telling myself that as long as I continue making positive improvements I’ll recover.

I know what it feels like when impending doom sets in from anxiety, it's the most awful feeling ever. I always recommend watching the YouTube video with David carbonell, the Panic trick. Having anxiety that intense, you may want to think about going on anti-anxiety medication until you can learn to cope with the symptoms. I hope you feel better.

Yes to all of that. Anxiety has taken so much from me. I feel a little broken. I have been working with a therapist for the last two years. I thought I was making progress and whamo! I am right back where I started. I have a lot of support from family and friends but they just don’t get it. I recently started doing EMDR therapy and that seems to be really bringing up a lot of suppressed trauma. I am guessing that this latest panic attack might have some manifested subconsciously through that reprocessing. It’s frightening to think I’ll always have to suffer through this. I am just hoping I can sleep tonight without waking up with a racing heart if I can get through that I can can get up and go to work tomorrow.

Unfortunately we dont really control anxiety. I have found that it can pop up unexpectedly and with little warning. The good news!! Idenitify as anxiety and accept it. I know this is tough but I do it l the time. Instead of focusing on the ER visit..focus on the anxiety sensations and accept that is what it is. Anxiety is not rational. You can not always figure out the cause and effect but you can identify that palpitations.. hot sensations....dizziness.. uncomfortable feeling is an anxiety attack or reaction. Just try and accept them and they may not scare you as much. I agree with the other responses.. you may need some benzos atleast in the short run to help with this recent issue. You are not alone.

Not sure my doctor will give me meds. He keeps suggesting Benadryl which just makes me feel terrible.

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I would agree. After years of constant palps anxiety and panic attacks, I've controlled them with zoloft, propranolol and ativan every other day. Its excessive to some but for me I can not function normally without the benzos. You may need to find a new dr.

The more you consciously fight the anxiety, the more it takes hold. Have you read DARE by Barry McDonough? He has helped many people. It is a horrible feeling, I know, but with courage, mindfulness and medication, it can be managed. I am with you in spirit.

Where ru located? Are benzos not prescribed? Benadryl will not do anything for anxiety except make you sleepy.

In New York State. The doctor just won’t budge on it. I am not interested it taking something everyday just when I am suffering like this.

have you tried to see a psychiatrist? they can prescribe benzos too. Some doctors just dont like to prescribe these types of medicine. Fortunately for me my doctor is ok with giving me a prescription for xanax as needed. I try and only take it as needed.

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