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I'm lost and need someone... I have no one else to turn to... :(


I'm 26 yrs old and have been through a lot. long story short I have had depression since I was about 15. I also suffer from some anxiety. This is a long post but please read

ive been on medication for about 7 years now. I went through a horrendous period 3 years ago after a devastating breakup between myself and my fiancé. we had been togther for 3 years. anyway, since then I haven't been able to feel quite the same. Ill have ok days and down days. Its not that I miss him, it was a mutual agreement but just so sad.

since then I have dated 3 other people and 2 of them didn't work out. the first one broke it off with me, leaving me gutted and I broke the second one off last year a few months after we moved in together. He was a narcissist. we were so happy at the start and we loved each other lots. but he had a lot of family issues later on and showed me his real side. since we split last year I have met a really nice amazing guy. we have been togther 8 months now and he moved in with me last month to be with me as we lived 5 hours apart.

My PROBLEM is I'm struggling with depression again now that we live together. before this I was pretty good. I had my struggles with pms like every month but now I feel constantly down and so exhausted. I cant stop obsessing and thinking "what if it doesn't work out?" "do I still love him" "shouldn't being with him make me not depressed?" and so...

What do I do? I live in a remote area and don't have access to many counsellors. The one ive been seeing for the last 3 years has been ok but shes not helping me find coping solutions.

Please help. I have no one to talk to and feel like ending my life somedays as I get some depressed and down

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Hello and welcome there’s lots of good people on here will talk to you just want to wish you good luck for today ✌🏼🌞

Im sorry that you are dealing with a tough situation. Try to continue searching for a counselor who you feel is helpful in your treatment. Maybe try to find someone who is willing to do like live video sessions. Try to focus on your health and healing. Things we think or plan doesn't always work out they way we want them to, but that is fine. It's all a part of life and growth. I am praying for you. Take care.

Thanks for taking the time to reply xx

Hi, first off do you have an med's? It sounds like you need an antidepressant, I would go and talk to my Dr. Once when I was going down hill and could not sleep I went to my Dr. asked for a sleeping aid, Dr. "No you are depressed" and put me on prozac, it worked wonders for me. I have been on antidepressants now for over 30 years, if I come off I get depressed. Go online and look for help, see if there is as support group in your area, they are wonderful and usually free. And of course come and talk to us here, we love you and care about you, we will do our best to be of support and help you. Hang in there Rachms11. Sending Love & Hugs...Sprinkle 1..... xxx

Rachms11 in reply to Sprinkle1

Aww thank you so much for your lovely reply 🤗 I'm on 40mg fluxeotine. Was on 20mg for a few years but went up to 40. Seems to work ok. Maybe I should try something new? I will see my doctor in 2 days so hope he can help! Thank u xxx

Hello, I have been on med's in the past and after 10 years built up a tolerance to them, check with your Dr. this may have happened to you. There are quite a few good SSRI med's out there, perhaps you need a change. Glad I could be of help, good luck with your Dr. Sending Love. Sprinkle 1....xxx

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