It is always hard to start a day

I have been taken medication and therapy for two years, it is still hard to just simply get out of the house. As a graduate student, there are so many of things awaiting everyday, the stress is real and my body is shouting at me to avoid those annoying things and take a rest, however rationally I need to finish things to meet requirements to get the degree. Maybe I'm lazy, but doctor told me it is a symptom of depression...

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  • Hi sorry to hear this. Your doctor is right as this is very common with depression. Are you on any meds and/or doing any counselling? x

  • Yes, my doctor just recommended to change to 30mg lexapro.

  • Perhaps a change in medication or adding a therapy session here and there would be beneficial. Stressors add to our anxiety and depression; being a grad student is stressful enough, right! Take care of yourself. Be accepting of yourself. Be mindful of how you are feeling and deal with those emotions. Self care is so important (and makes us feel better).

  • Thank you for your suggestions! I'm learning to take better care of myself, and be mindful.

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