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How do I get the courage?

My mood swings have been all over the place. One moment I am happy as can be, then all of a sudden, I'm stuck in my head with so many thoughts, it's over-whelming. I'm not the one to ever talk about myself, because so much is going on in my head, I just don't know how to comprehend any of it, So I never reach out because, I don't know if I'm scared to get help and go see someone, or if I will know what to say to that person. Does that make any sense? My college offers a counselor, but I don't know of I'm aloud to talk about just anything with the counselor with out any of it being reported, that's my biggest fear, about talking about any thing. Is other people finding out, or it being reported. So I just keep to myself.

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Hi EmbraceYourself,

Thank you for sharing on the forum.

Don't hesitate to take advantage of the counseling on offer. It's totally confidential and going to help you so much.

Some of what I wrote today in my reply to Trende about a first appointment is relevant to you. Taking the time to read the notes and tips will make the first contact so much easier. Just remember the counseller is usually not a medical practitioner so will not be able to prescribe drugs. It's a talking therapy.

All the best


Talking to a counselor can be very helpful. It can take a little time to find the right fit but they can validate your experience in the way family and friends cannot.


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