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How do I get the courage


I am currently taking Zoloft and Buspar for anxiety and depression. I go from the bed, to one end of the couch, to the bathroom, kitchen, back to the couch. I have no interest in going outside, or interacting with others. I just sit here and ruminate. When I worked, I had to get up and go, I was trying to earn a living. Now I have anxiety over going outside, driving (except one route I drive usually once a day). My question is how can I get the courage, the peace and calm, to venture off the couch? I talked to my Doc about this, he is reluctant to change my meds or dosage.

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It is very hard I know. Is there anyone you could just walk a short distance with. Maybe down the garden path. If you manage that try and go a little further every day. You might manage on your own after you have done it once. Take deep breathes , in through your nose and out through your mouth a few times. It does help. Maybe if you could walk some ones dog for a short while. That might make you feel better than being alone. Good luck don't give up. You get better Geodog.

Geodog in reply to benmaise

I will try it this morning. I can try to walk to end of street. Thanks.

benmaise in reply to Geodog

very good.

How long have you been on those meds and did they ever work for you?

Geodog in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

I have been on Zoloft for a year, buspar about 90 days. At first I felt some relief, but over a period of the last month or so, I have had little help from the meds. I spoke to Doc, but he did not want to change anything.

LilyAnnepuppy in reply to Geodog

I’ve got no solution. I am fortunate to have a psychiatrist who pays attention to the efficacy of any particular medication (after the trial period is over). It was a nightmare trying to find the right combination. I wish you well. Keep posting and let us know how you’re doing.

Geodog in reply to LilyAnnepuppy


You can't change the symptoms but you can change your attitude to them you can.say I am going out even though I have anxiety

The fact that you've come here and "spoken" about your dilemma, is a great move. I have other medical issues but my anxiety and depression can be all consuming at times so I totally get what you are trying to deal with. The bottom line is that only until you/I can change the way we deal with our worries or fears,we won't get better. I'm trying to go out in the car without anybody with me and I've been egging myself on for a few days! Try anything that pushes your boundaries, coz it WILL pay off. Good luck my friend and keep in touch.

Geodog in reply to SquirrelsHolt

Thx for encouragement


Geodog: get a new doctor. The Zoloft obviously isn't working and buspar is a crappy drug for anxiety. Xanax works quickly but its not very long lasting. This is usually prescribed for people who are afraid to go outside. If you have a general anxiety disorder clonazepam is a good choice because it has a very long half life. But be careful. I used to love the feeling I got from oxazepam. When it kicks in you feel almost euphoric because the anxiety is gone. I can no longer take these drugs after taking them for years they don't work anymore. Sometimes just knowing I had it and it worked was enough to calm me down and I didn't take one. Good luck. I know how horrible you feel.....Robert cass

I have been there, and I don't want to go back. If my day starts off bad, like this morning, where I ruminate on my physical symptoms, stay in bed and feel despairing, I call my dad -- he's 99 years old, BTW, and he tries to cheer me up. I live alone, so I have to do everything. I take a shower, get dressed, do the laundry. Later I'm going to lunch with my Asperger social group. I have been on a lot of psych drugs, I'm currently on three, and I'm waiting to get into cognitive behavioral therapy on a weekly basis. If all your doctor is doing is prescribing medication, perhaps you might look into CBT to change the way you think about your situation. I know how awful this feels, but I have recovered twice before, and I think you will. Take care.

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