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I'm new here....in need of advice

Recently I've been suffering from really bad anxiety and loneliness,I'm married and have three kids.

I've no idea what has triggered this and has made me a little paranoid which in turn has made my marriage very difficult over the last couple of months,I love my partner and have explained how I'm feeling at the moment,I'm not sure she understands and it's incredibly difficult for me day to day to worry about everything.

My family and friends are all a long distance away as I moved to be with my wife nearly ten years ago.and the situation would be perilous if my marriage breaks down...I would literally be finished.

Any advice would be brilliant

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I understand about the long distance. I hope that you can talk with your wife more about this

as well as the rest of your family. Have you had changes in life that have built up over the years? I hope that you can see the rest of your family as well.


Also, I hope you are able to talk to your primary care as well as a counselor about this.


That feeling of loneliness is a horrible

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