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bad thoughts

whenever i am having a moment (anger, crying, anxiety) my mind almost always goes to harming myself or someone else. i havent experienced these kind of thoughts for a long time and i have never acted on them. is this something i should express to my doctor or is it something i should just recognize as a passing thought? i am just afraid that is going to get to the point whete i begin to act on these thoughs of harm...

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Hi lex95, this must be very difficult to deal with, I'm sorry to hear that you're facing such symptoms at this time... honestly lex, if I were in your shoes, I would discuss it with the Dr. The last thing you would want to do is harm yourself or an innocent person. To keep yourself and everyone else safe from possible tragedy and heartache, tell the Dr so he can move forward with a plan of treatment. I know it gets tough sometimes, but please remember that you are special to someone, someone loves you, and your presence on earth is important. 💕Have a wonderful week Lex 💕💕😌


What you are experiencing is OCD intrusive thoughts. Please tell your doctor as he/she can help you get the right treatment.

I know how scary these thoughts can be but honestly you will never act on them. I suggest you google intrusive thoughts and that should help reassure you till you get some help for them.

Good luck. 👍


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