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Locked and loaded

Today I was at work and got my pay stub. I'm only getting 600$ for 16 work days. My car payment and rent are due on the same day this month. Both over 325$ I also have my registration insurance and credit cards due. My boyfriend finally talked to me about this subject saying that he can't help me because he doesn't want to. He wants to teach me how to budget......budgeting doesn't help when your due dates all got changed.. now I don't know what to do because no matter what I can't pay all of it and still be able to get to work.

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Hi pounding_heart,

It really is difficult when things such as pay days change out of your control.

The best thing to do is talk honestly to all the people/organisations that you owe money to.

Tell them you are having financial difficulties meeting the payment this month. Ask if there is a way of extending the time to pay. You cannot afford to do nothing as your credit rating will be affected.

They are a number of charity organisations which offer small personal loans for low % interest rates which might be worth exploring.

If you have a family member of other friend you can hit for the money, give them a try.

You may have to take out a personal loan with a financial institution to help you out of the jam.

Budgeting and looking for the lowest rates on credit cards will change your life!

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