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anxiety trance like state in Elderly

My 92 year old mom is having severe anxiety attacks. she saids she's is very sick and must see a doctor, and or go to hospital. She says she is going to die. Lately she has been saying she is gong to kill herself. these come on for no apparent reason, last a few hours and may occur repeatedly over a few days. She has no memory of these "trances" when she recovers. We have recorded them and when she viewed the video. Not believe that it is her. She is embarrassed that people in her assisted living see her like this. We have brought her to ER numerous times and there is never anthng wrong with her that can be treated. We don't know what to do anymore. I seems to be happening more frequently. She has been taking xanix but dr.does not think it's a good Med and has suggested Med Marajuana without THC as needed. We are at wits end on how to handle these "spells".

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She may be disassociation . I go they this now , I have it because of anxiety . You can read my posts on it and see if it seems similar . I hope she is feeling better

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Hi Haasfive,

So sorry to hear about your mum, my Nan is 94 and it is so hard to see them suffer in any way, they have worked hard and lived so long. It seems they deserve should better, but that's the cruel irony of life. How is she health-wise in a generic way? she comes across as being quite clear-headed and physically fit? Depression and aggression can be signs of a variety of other conditions than depression/anxiety itself. Has she been checked for other age related issues like dementia and/or Alzheimer? If the doctor is saying the meds are not the best, insist they change them and look into what can be more suitable. There is no reason your mum should have to feel like this is such a respectable age. I hope you get the support you need from healthcare and she feels better soon.


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