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Somethings I'd like to say to my mother, but am not able to:

You always tell me to watch what I say, but it's a shame that you have no idea how much your words hurt me. You compare me, ask me to define addiction, tell me that you're gonna make me okay. Sometimes I don't answer because it hurts or I don't want to start yet another argument.

You think I'm proud of my ways? You think I look at this screen all day adamantly being proud of myself for simply doing nothing? I want to change, but why? I never try, but I'm not motivated to. I don't personally think I'm addicted to my computer, but nothing else interests me and it's not like I have any friends.

Stop trying to make yourself fit in. You try to relate to me in a way that sounds stupid and can't even compare. I get angry, I feel like saying "Wow, look at you, congrats you succeeded in life" while I'm here feeling sorry for myself. Don't compare me to anything or anyone, ever.

You ask me all the time what do I want? I just want this feeling of sadness to go away, I don't ask for much, I just want something as simple as happiness.

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