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My first post here

My name is Mags and I have only sent replies to posts the last few days so thought I'd post here now.

I have suffered anxiety and depression at various times throughout my life, starting when I was 16 taking exams, again at 18 then not too bad til my marriage ended at 40. Since losing my mum last year I've been dreadful and struggling to do anything at all. My relationship of 6 years is in crisis as my partner thinks I'm pathetic. I'm taking meds but they're not helping ( Sertraline). I'm finding it difficult to leave the house even to walk our two beautiful dogs so my partner does most of the dog walking. I feel like I've given up as this relationship and our two dogs were everything until I lost mum. I sold my home two years ago two years after moving into my partner's house. I bought a share of the house and had to get rid of all my furniture and bits as there was no room for them here!! I was rather hasty but at least they went to a homeless charity.

I struggle to be positive at the moment and my partner says quite hurtful things. I gave up work after I sold my home as I wanted to spend quality time with my mum. A few months after her death I lost confidence and had an an anxiety attack when I had a job interview. I'm now losing touch with all my lovely friends and keep letting everyone down. I'm hoping to get over this soon but meantime my boyfriend wants us to split which is both sad and scarey as I don't know how I'll cope. Hopefully things will improve before that time comes.

Thank you for reading.

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You need some kind of insurance so you can pay a professional, maybe you need to change med,I'm not a Dr. so ,I just hope you're partner can be patient you need time, and understanding.

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I'm so sorrry about your mom and all the things that are happening. Have you tried counseling?

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Thank you for replying.

I am looking into counselling but the prices are very high. I know I certainly need help.


Are you in the U.S.? You might be eligible for Medicaid.


I'm in Uk -- but thank you -- I have free meds as I'm over 60 and have gp on NHS so that's good but i can't get TMS treatment on NHS.


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