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Wanting to live

I am a 48 year old man, who spent my life believing depression and anti-depressant medication were crutches for the weak or people who lacked conviction. I had a mental breakdown at work a year ago and have not been the same since. After attempting suicide and almost losing my family, I gave in and am being helped with therapy and medication. My doctors are the literally saving my life. I may never be the same again, but I want to live now.

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That sounds good. You are very fortunate to be getting better. I wish I could say the same - 5 years after a traumatic financial problem I am no better as my life is crumbling around me despite all the therapy and suicidal thinking is with me every day

What worked best for you?


Great doctors and therapists - period. I wanted to fight like hell, and they worked me over until I realized that fighting meant being still. Peace to you.


I have felt the same way about not understanding about depression and anxiety. I am 53 and was hit with it about 8 months ago. I sure do have a different outlook now. I've tried medication (antidepressants) which only made me worse. I try meditation, but have a hard time focusing. Benzo's calm the nerves, but are very hard to get prescribed by dr.s plus they are very addicting. Hope we can all find a miracle cure.


Yeah, or at least peace of mind.


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