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Significant Other Dealing With Symptoms of Depression. How can I help them?

Hello everyone,

I have not been on here for awhile. Which is sort of good because it means your support has enabled me to combat my worries. I still have depression and anxiety ofcourse, but I always become stronger. Anyway I've been dating this person we'll call K for almost a year. They have always been supportive and loving. They are my complete world. Today they told me they have been feeling numb to everything. My anxiety selfishly was worrying "Oh my god I'm going to be dumped" because hi anxiety have we met? They told me they know they still love me. they just haven't been able to feel anything strongly. They've also been experiancing Dissociation of themselves. I'm still so so worried. Ofcourse this sudden news caused a pretty obnoxious anxiety attack. I always know exactly what they are going through. I still deal with it to this day, but because of therapy and my medicine, and you guys, I have been able to rationalize it. So, naturally I'm hoping they will continue talking to me about how they feel and I can help them overcome this. I just want to be as supportive as possible. I don't want to lose them. It's my turn to support them like they supported me. Thanks for reading this you guys.

Enjoy the rest of your day,


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+Hello Amanda

You will now need to help that person with their Depression, they may need to talk, they will when ready.

When I was dating fifty years ago it was always very hard to break from a relationship, we always worry we will not find anyone else we will feel comfortable with.

As we get older it never gets any better until that person shows up and we know that person is for us as that person will feel the same way.

Try not to take a break up to serious, you are better to know now than seven years on



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