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Headache, tired, hot eyes is this anxiety?

This past two weeks I been having more problems, increasing my anxiety and making me feel down.

It started with itchy ear and feeling like somethinb in them, now it's mild headache, sounds feel like they are bouncing in my ears, I feel tired, light headed, tight feeling inside ear, heavy chest and feel fatigued down and tense.

Is this common in anxiety?

I been to the doctor with my constant neck pain and discomfort, it still aches and still creeks and clicks, and my lower leg pain and foot pain, which has moved from the right to left. He wasn't concerned and thought my muscles were tight.

My nose is always blocked, managed to unblock it with nasal spray, but does feel heavy.

Ibrupofen doesn't rid of the feeling.

Running and doing some meditation helps a bit, I feel it go away for a while. But it's there, and my mind keeps obsessing about it. I try to ignore it, but it's like a baby crying for attention.

I always have the feeling there's something seriously wrong. It feels like it. Been to the doctors too many times. Therapist gave me an online CBT pdf guide to help deal with generalised anxiety and social anxiety.

I've had my eyes checked because it felt staining last month, I was given glasses, it helped with my right eye, but not with this problem. They would have seen if there was something serious wrong right?

I'm fed up of the physical symptoms I'm getting all the time, and going to the gp clinic.

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Me too. I have been to several different doctors even specialist about pain in different problems. They all believe it to be from depression and anxiety. I started taking notice more my symptoms as to find a better way to describe them and have noticed that I am full on tension all over. I think of it like my muscles are working hard at something. Even in my sleep. They stay tensed up so tight for so long they hurt because they are worn out from all the work of holding themselves so tight then if and when you go to sleep they stay that way all tensed up. They never rest or relax because they don't know how so you wake up feeling exhausted because your body never rested. Think about it. I really truly think that's what's going on with me. I can lay down or sit down and try to relax and no matter how hard I try I can't. I really can't relax. I even had a chiropractor tell me years ago: "you don't know how to relax do you?" I thought I was relaxed and he said I was not relaxed. What do you think?

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