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Anxiety making me hot!!!!


Does anyone feel like a hot sensation flowing through their body whenever anxiety hits like burning up feeling ?

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Sometimes if I am suddenly scared I get a wave of pins and needles flowing into my extremities- which is a normal physiological function of your body’s active stress response. Perhaps you feel your body’s stress response as heat? Do you blush?

Yes I do I notice when I get really nervous I get really hot but just recently I started to get really hot when I become very anxious and my anxiety kicks like crazy


I think they are called hot flashes and are common with anxiety and panic.

Yes, I recently started experiencing this strange “heat wave” phenomenon. They are not the regular menopausal hot flashes I’ve had for years. The heat fills my whole body and is VERY intense. An extremely frightening nausea accompanies them, and I’m overwhelmed with fear. As in all full blown panic attracts, I feel like I’m dying. I almost feel the presence of something sinister when these happen. They mostly happen in the dead of night.

Fortunately, by sheer force of will, I have learned to tamp down the symptoms when I feel one coming on. I begin to breathe slowly and deeply, lightly rub my stomach and fill my mind with soothing thoughts, including, “This will pass; you’re ok; you will soon be feeling much better.” In this way, I don’t allow the attack to reach full strength. And I DO feel much better when it’s over—just shaky.

I went to my internist about this phenomenon, thinking I might have a serious stomach issue. He said he didn’t know of a physical problem that would cause such symptoms—meaning it’s probably anxiety related. I decided he was right, and have done my best not to become too alarmed when they happen. You CAN push them back, and if you can’t, just ride them out. They WILL pass in a few minutes.

Thank you for this

I didn’t know what I was experiencing as it’s something new that’s happening but it seems like every time anxiety hits there’s always something new that arrives with it

I am going to try and keep myself calm when these episodes arise and tel myself I am ok

Because if I don’t I will continue to go into sheer panic mode

I’m hoping once I get better control of my anxiety these hot flash symptoms with subside to

Yes, anxiety symptoms come for awhile, taper off—and return in a completely new form. I can see why anxiety sufferers often end up with hypochondria. We really do have very alarming symptoms. I’m glad you’re going to try talk yourself down. But if you can’t, just allow it to wash over you; give into it while telling yourself the worst WILL be over in a few minutes. You WILL survive it.

Yes that’s exactly how I feel but it’s hard for people to understand and my fiancé to it’s hard for him to understand cuz once I think I’m ok bam something new arises and I hate it I am trying to learn and cope with me and my anxiety and take and accept it for what it is

Yes!! Its awful

Hi Stephanie yesI have had that feeling.A warm surge that goes through my body.Doctor said it was anxiety.

Stephanie89 in reply to pcpamela

I hate it but luckily that subsided

Hello, yes! You are not alone! My legs feel like pieces of hot metal at night, they feel incredibly hot everytime I go to bed.

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