My father just told me that he's going to put his car in my name and that I will be responsible for paying car insurance. Now I'm panicking because I don't even have a job.... how the heck am I gonna pay for car insurance, I live in Georgia so there is no public transportation unless it's close to Atlanta. Everyone here has a car it's literally a necessity, I'm trying to really stay positive and hope that I can find suitable employment soon... what makes it even harder is the fact that I have a seven month old who depends on me to live.... I'm trying to stay positive but idk how I'm going to do this

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  • Do you have any other ways of financial support? It's very very hard for me to work when I am depressed so I had to find over means of income. There are ways for you to make small amounts of money online if you have access to a computer. It can be less then minimum wage but you can make more depending on what you are doing. I have found that this has helped me a little bit while I have not been working.

    Are you in your father close? Does he know what you are going through?

  • I live with my father, siblings, and my baby but my father is gone most of the day....

  • I had an issue with my employer she harassed me and is now refusing to pay my final paycheck, so I have to take legal measures.

  • I am blown away by his decision which seems unreasonable on the face of it, considering your work status.

    I guess you don't have to take out insurance if you can find other transport e.g. ride sharing or a community pick up bus.

    Out of curiosity, are you receiving all your entitlements from Social Security and any support from the father of your baby?

  • I don't receive any social security money, I do receive food stamps. My father has a lot on his plate so he's had to make some difficult cuts.

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