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How to push through anxiety


Hi all

I am suffering from depression and anxiety. I get extremely anxious leaving the house and going in the car with my mother (we live together she is 67 and I am 46) but I can’t stay home if my mother goes out. At the moment I feel completely stuck and being a burden on my mother.

Some people on this site have said they have pushed through the anxiety and I was wondering how they did that both mentally and physically?

Any help would be much appreciated

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Hi. Yes, if one is experiencing anxiety the way to overcome it is to move through it. If not the anxiety will build up more the next time.

Im sorry you are experiencing such difficulties. Are u afraid only in the house and the car or other places? A lot of people including myself are on meds and seeking therapy for anxiety. Have u thought about seeking help?

Sorry I should have explained I am on meds, in fact they can’t give me any more as I am on the top dose.

Something is off. If you are afraid to be in the house alone and afraid to be in the car Im assuming afraid of a lot of other things correct? Like crowds, malls, theaters, supermarket? If your answer is yes then please ask your Dr to switch your meds.

They have just put me on new meds, I have just be upped to the top dose as of last night. They are telling me that this is a very good medicine for anxiety.

Ok so u need to give the meds time to work into your system. A great tool while you are in the car is mindfullness meditation. It keeps your thoughts in the here and now. Look it up on you tube. It's very effective.

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What med are you taking?

I have a lot of different ways I deal with my crippling anxiety. Some thing work better on different days so I have a “toolkit” of options.

-I keep an actual anxiety kit in my purse. I have lavender essential oil, fidget devices to keep my hands occupied, chewing gum, inspirational verses and quotes, and my emergency medication.

-warm drinks help me. Decaf tea or hot chocolate is so soothing to me.

-music helps me too. Depends on my mood but music helps pull me out of dark moments.

-daily physical activity for me is a game changer.

-practice. As much as I hate this one it helps. Going to the situation that makes me so anxious. Eventually after facing it enough times it becomes less anxiety provoking.

Message me anytime if you want to talk. Hope this helps! 💜

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Just not sure what I can do in the car?

Music is good to listen to in the car, audiobooks also help me.. It helps distract me from my anxiety. And as others have said just forcing yourself to keep going in the car is going to help you overcome your anxieties.

I guess I am just so afraid that I get in the car and the anxiety gets worse. Also how do you stop the anticipatory anxiety it is awful.

In the moments that you experience anxiety, you need to be completely present, mentally. Pay attention to what triggered your anxiety IN THAT MOMENT. Then build on that. What made you anxious and why? Don’t shy away from yourself.

I suffer from anxiety myself, I’ve been teaching myself how to manipulate my mind into thinking and being a normal, regular person. It helps.

I think confidence kills anxiety.

Anxiety makes you feel transparent and awkward.

Be transparent in your moments but don’t freak out. Breathe in and out. Count to 10 if you have to.

But always be present and keep your focus.

Even when you want to hide, BE PRESENT, and breathe.

You exist. The universe doesn’t make mistakes, you are supposed to be here. Each breath you take is beautiful.

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