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Feeling overwhelmed!!

Is that why my breathing feels off? Mainly feel like I'm forcing myself to breathe. I actually panicked and rushed in our apt but as I was walking I felt like I was not gonna make it. I'm trying to calm my nerves and slow my breathing, but I can't help but feel scared. I'm jobless at the moment and then today I just had so many job replies. Maybe I'm overthinking that. My chest feels tight, breathing feels labored...

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Thank you soo much for your kind reply.. it means so much. I guess I'm also worried if I can handle working again =\ I've had jobs where I had to call in or just quit. It does get the best of me and my panic is the breathing. Like I look around and I feel like either I'm getting air or no air and that's when I start to panic.


I feel like when I marble with my breathing it gets me anxious and into thinking that I'm hyperventilating


Like when I take deep breaths and do exercises it makes me feel uncomfortable and then I feel like my breathing is off. Like right now it's happening again, to where I feel like I can't breathe. Or I'm getting too much air. That type of lost feeling. I'm all alone at the house and I hate it...


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