Another Job and On-line Therapy

I haven't been on this site for a while now, because I have been so busy with another job that I have had since my last post. This job is another teaching position and is more demanding time wise. It's okay over at the place that I work at. They are extremely short staffed and people keep leaving like a revolving door (upper management is definitely to blame on this case). I am working in a 3-5 year old classroom bwith a co teacher who is very nice and working with her makes the job. The children in my classroom have severe behavioural/emotional issues which makes working in that classroom quite a challenge. However, these children desparately need support from people like my co-teacher and me.

On another note, since I have been having trouble with seeing therapists through face to face counseling, I thought that I would give on-line counseling a try. I actually like it better than face to face counseling. I have a very intelligent, empathic, compassionate and devoted therapist through the website who responds to messages on a daily basis. She lives in the same state as me in the USA and truely does care about my well being. I also have an "online session" scheduled with her once a week through the website where we talk "live" to each other using the computer chat option. I could choose to talk to her over the phone or through a webcam also. However, I prefer just chatting with her for now, but maybe I'll move to talking on the phone or via a webcam in the future. I like that all of my messages are saved on the website, so I could refer back to them anytime that I want. I could also send my therapist messages anytime that I want and she replies right away to them. So far online therapy is working out very well. I recommend it for its convenience.

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  • Hi Kakee83,

    This is great news for you personally.

    You are the first person that I know of to have ventured into the world of telehealth. I have no problems accessing my medical support crew so probably won't go down that path.

    The ADAA Blog Post by Dr. Peter Yellowlees - "Telemental Health: Convenient, Effective and Here to Stay" answers a lot of questions for first time users of telemental health.

  • Thanks for the information and your kind words, blackcat64013. :-)

  • Would you mind messaging me the website you use for online counseling? I would like to try something like that.

  • I'd appreciate it

  • If you don't mind please send me the site to me as well. Thank you.

  • The site is called for any of those interested in on-line counseling. I highly recommend it.