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Its My First Ocd Post

I've been diaganosed with OCD 9 years ago , i've tried every thing ,drugs,therapists,google,but 2 days and every thing goes back.

"This is my BDD which is a sort of OCD"

Though my rule in life became "pain & gain" , yet i do pain 5 times for 1 time gain , maybe i lost faith i dont know , because every time i find a way out ,it vanishes 2days later i dont know why?! , maybe because i focus on the "way out" instead of focusing at my study or work .

I fear from looking at the "mirror" even though they say i am very handsome ,maybe because i see depression and anxiety in my eyes ,my face ,maybe i dont wanna anybody to see that ,the worst is that fear became a habit even though i am happy and shining !, i care for what people think of me :( , some therapist told me that its called "BDD" "some thing a bout body image" , thought some times i avoid looking at the mirror , but the thought "there is something wrong in my face "stays "stuck" preventing me from focusing at any thing + the thought " people are starring at me" + "Social fear" .

Any one gone through that??!

I am just searching for a simple OCD "rule" to follow !

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You should try and find other members on here with the same issues they might give you some ideas

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Thank you anyway Danielle i'll try :)

Even my story looks so strange , but its all about " a thought+ repetition" in the core,as any other OCD ritual.

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It's not strange, we're all going thru some things.. all you need is support and someone who understand what you're going through

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