Unexpected hostility

Well, I have joined in one of the university group in a social media, and I think everything will be better.

But the fact is that everything is just the same as what I have endured in my high school students' group.

They ignore me and some students when I ask them some questions and when I tried to chat with them.

This is weird, because university students should act like grown-up men(just like PTSDforyears had said) i.e. friendly, caring, responsive, calm, and serious.

But they have none of these grown-up people's qualities. And they just mind their own business and don't give a fuck about my and my friend's questions.

And I don't know how to cope with this, because I have endured this kind of hostility for years, and I feel that I can't endure it anymore. Plz help.

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  • You should try joining some clubs at the school one that fits you that's a great way to start, you'll notice not every uni kids are like that.... and you'll find u have a lot in common

  • Well, the problem is that the university study hasn't started yet and I only know them through social medias.

  • That's a good thing that means things can actually change... a lot of us are lost souls in uni, we're still trying to find ourselves. 😉 everything will get better hun

  • Its possible that there are other students who feel exactly like you or aren't that confident talking to others, be patient, unfortunately there isn't a magical switch that turns high school students in to sensible adults going to Uni, it takes time...if it ever happens, ha! And even adults in the real world still behave like school kids, its life I'm afraid. It makes you appreciate genuinely nice people even more, I think. I really hope you meet some good people, give it time.

  • Ok thanks.

  • I have to agree with giving it some time. One thing I would like to note is that social media is never a great place to "get to know" someone. People often hide behind personas of what they want others to think they are. Meeting people in person allows you the ability and confidence to determine if the person is worthy of being your friend!

  • well I know that those cyberbullies were just cowards hiding behind social medias and just claiming that they have a relationship with police to terrorize people.

    and now I don't care about those f***ing b***h*s because I am going to prepare for university life.

  • You can't be friends with people who ignore you. Think of what your interests are and search for people with the same interests. If you belong to a political party, join. If you like animals, join an animal group. What do you like to do? High school is over.

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