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Guess I should introduce myself first.

Hello everyone my name is Nicole I'm 26 stay at home mom who has battled with depression and anxiety for about 4 years now (I believe it's been longer than that but I started realizing it around 4 years ago) I have a history of a lot of abuse and i think that's a big trigger for everything. I was on Effexor for about a year after my daughter was born. Three weeks ago I cold turkey got off all antidepressants which was on of the hardest things I've ever done. The withdrawal symptoms are mostly gone other than at night I do have anxiety and panic attacks. Just looking for someone or somewhere I can go to vent or talk in all my late nights.

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Thought I'd say hello, my names Havannah. I suffer with anxiety and depression too but also have kidney troubles too. I've been offered medication but chose not too have it due to I don't feel it would be right for me and I worried about getting stuck on them. Welldone to you for getting off your meds, you must be pretty proud it's a brave thing to do! If you ever want to vent or chat I'm always free, I'm in the UK so maybe different times unless your in the U.K too. X

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Thank you for saying that most people just criticize me for going cold turkey off the meds. I guess I needed to prove to myself how strong I really am and I feel amazing because of it. I'm in the US but anytime you need to talk Ill be here!

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Dont start them!!

I got off the xanax and wooo that was crazy and hard! But im proud. Me too i have to find a way to cope with out pills, its going to be tricky but doable! I to deal with anxiety 10fold now that im off.

I think it's really brave, coming off meds isn't easy for anyone taking anything so you should be proud ignore the negative comments and be proud !

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