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Anxiety and stomach issues, anyone else going thru this

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Several months ago, I started a series of doctor , ER visits, primarily due to having dizzy spells. Before this hadn't had any major anxiety in quite some time.

As of about 6 weeks ago all tests, blood, EKG, Dr scan all came back normal. I do have high blood pressure, and have been overweight for years. All the Dr visits, switching medications several times, and the fear and frustration has kicked in my anxiety to a level I've not had in years, basicly all day every day for at least a month. In that time frame my stomach has gotten really bad. Clenched, tight, sick feeling , all the time, for weeks and weeks. And of course that just skyrockets the anxiety. I haven't been able to eat hardly at all, and am dropping weight like crazy, wich I have to lose, but it's scary.

Has anyone been through this?

Thanks for your time.

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Timmypliskin, you are not alone in these dreadful feelings of anxiety symptoms. Anxiety certainly knows how to pack a punch that would bring any man or woman to tears. The stomach takes a impact because it's the seat of our emotions. And this emotion is fear to the max. Fear of a thought that started the process of adrenaline and hormones coursing through our body. There's no tiger waiting around the corner, there's no danger, only the danger that our mind predicts there is. Moving our muscles and not staying frozen with fear is one way to push past these feelings. Another way more important is ridding ourselves of the negative thought in our minds. Doing that by refocusing on something else that takes some thinking, some doing to keep our mind busy.

Of course, medication and therapy are always a way to get unstuck and start going forward. Finding other tools that may help you such as meditation and deep breathing and a number of other positive approaches to ridding yourself of the fear and calming the

mind and body. Practice is important in what ever you choose, so that when you even feel

the overwhelming symptoms starting, you will automatically go into positive mode and go forward.

Even with medications, b/p does normally rise due to the fear but once we are able to get

control of our emotions, it will come down drastically. It's all about getting back in control.

You are in the right place to get the support and the understanding you need on this site.

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Timmypliskin in reply to Agora1

Thanks very much, I am trying very hard to stay positive, and move forward, and use as little medication as possible.

Just trying to break this cycle...

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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Agora1 in reply to Timmypliskin

I so totally understand Timmy, because I'm in a backslide myself right now.

I hear and feel every thing you are going through. I will be here to support you as well as the many others on this forum going through the same thing. We not only learn

from other but gain knowledge of other's experiences.

I experience similar but the pain is chronic & most times unbearable. My intestines doesn't contract so my food doesn't digest properly. Due to the pain, it brings on strokes and heart attacks. It elevates your blood pressure really high, and it once the pain is gone everything settles down, but your body is lifeless and takes time to regroup. I drink plenty of water and take Linzess to help have bowel movements or I won't go for weeks & my body blows up like a balloon & carry water wt. I have lost 30 or more pounds. Been taking potassium and magnesium to keep myself together. That's the only diagnosis I have received Gastric Intestinal Dysfunction.

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Ashm19 in reply to Jigga930

I think yours isn't anxiety related though my friend? lol. sorry to hear that really but thats something different if you're having "strokes and heartattacks?" anxiety don't be doing that to you, they're panic attacks and high blood pressure from stress.

Yessss ive eperienced all of this. the stomach thing, i thought i had IBS developing. but i put the weed down for a few days and my thoughts sort of got easier to control and before i knew it, bam, stomach problems started easing off. i was like are you kidding me? thoughts are making me having physical STOMACH pains? like yo fuck this anxiety crap man lmao but yes, you're just experiencing what alot of us have. not to worry, but it is your thoughts that control it. sometimes you have to get mad with yourself n just force yourself to eat because like you say, you really dont want to.

It seems like every morning I have to get up for work I have stomach issues,. It's kinda like a nauseated unsettling feeling. Then I have to go to the bathroom. I wake up early just so that my stomach can have it's way and then I can get ready for the day. Have you found a solution? Please make sure you are making yourself eat. Try smoothies if the actual process of eating is sickening to you

I understand just what your describing.

That weak, fluttery, feeling, and making yourself eat something sometimes helps. Ginger tea helps too, I'm also finding that it helps to break the chain of anxiety, I try to accept that some days my stomach is going to bother me...

Talking to others had been my best way to help deal with the anxiety...

Good luck

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