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Anxious and Sleepless

Hi I'm brand new here :) and I've been struggling with falling asleep. Something traumatic (legally not allowed to say) to me and I have extreme anxiety over falling asleep. My heart races, my head races, my lungs feel like I'm swallowing mouthfuls of water and I'm choking and can't breathe.

I went to therapy yesterday (it's slightly past midnight) and I've tried the things my therapist said, but nothing seems to work so far.

If anyone has any advice or help, please let me know.

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Hey there! Im new as well and i feel you on terms of having anxiety when it comes to sleeping or falling asleep. I myself am quite sleep deprived and have severe issues with insomnia. Have you tried any medicine to get rest? I honestly wouldnt suggest it, but i do myself take some harmless over the counter melatonin and diphenhendramine which works here and there. It at least gets me to dose off easier. But, as it is nearly 2am where i am, im in the same boat and can say your not alone. Also, i do keep a radio playing to help ease me into the transistion without having any ill thoughts running. I cant sleep without some noise to drown out my anxiousness


I had a cold the past week, probably brought on due to stress, this event happened less than 2 weeks ago. (2 weeks on Saturday) I had to take Nyquil with that and it helped ease my breathing symptoms.

I've tried playing some of my favorite artists, but sometimes it doesn't help.

I'll try medicine a bit later, I had my first meeting with a therapist yesterday, so I feel like jumping into medicine is too early, they recommended a calming breathing app but it made me feel like I was drowning. We'll see!


Theres meds, meditation, xanax but becareful u may dance with the devil on that note. How about painting ur room or decorating it with lights or something u enjoy. Or padlocking it! Try a sleep aid, a good book and a small glass of wine after a bath.


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