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It was all too much for me

HI Went out for an early birthday celebration today with my gran and my auntie

it was very noisy i didn't cope very well screaming and crying kids, banging doors it was all too much for me i will be having more peaceful birthday on Monday 24th July when my friends come around to my home, for something to eat.

I was glad to come home. the child opposite us in the pub was being really naughty and she was crying because her mother was telling her off. it was so annoying when i was trying so hard to enjoy my birthday treat. i was getting more and more depressed because i couldn't stand the noise or the crying child.

I have nothing against children at all i just can't stand them crying and screaming makes me want to start crying.

Stafford (Staff)

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Hey Staff - so sorry about this! I think you did well under the circumstances. It seems like there really aren't nice restaurants where children aren't allowed anymore. Maybe you can try to reframe it - what were the best 3 things that happened that day? Like, your aunt and grandma were so kind to take you out for a special treat. Did you get your favorite food? Did they give you something nice (card or presents) or at least say something nice? What do you love about your auntie and grandmother the most?

Kids are annoying. I like them too & know that it's likely that they needed a nap, or their routine has been interrupted, etc. There was something like - not my circus, not my monkeys that sort of helped remind me that screaming kids are not my problem. Sometimes I can help but I'm not always equipped to do that. Why do you feel like crying when kids cry?


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