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Depression and anxiety

Ok so the past two days I've felt okay and bright. Today my depression hit me. I feel a weird sensation of darkness and sadness. I feel like no one likes me and that this cycle will never end. I tried forcing positive thoughts but it's so hard and unbearable sometimes. I don't have money or insurance. I'm applying to jobs everywhere. I just turned 18 and graduated high school ugh why does this feeling get to me sometimes.

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Keep your head up! I know how difficult it is. I just moved to a new place and feel lonely, directionless and in many ways hopeless. Try to keep fighting those those voices." I still feel like shit but it's better to feel like shit and fight against it than to become engulfed by the sadness. I've been fine for a couple of days and then hit with it hard as well. It's very difficult to be right in the pit of it. Fight against it because you are loved and you love yourself 💕 Feel free to message me if you want to chat.


Exactly!! Thank you so much. It's a good feeling knowing others understand you. Wishing you positivity and happiness.


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