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Bad day again

Hi everyone,

Why is it that I still feel so bad when I have enough sleep last night. Feels like i am so used to this feeling. When I wake up in the morning there I am starting to examine myself whether I have yesterdays feeling or not. Seems like it becomes automatic and when I feel good theres always a side of me that searches the feeling that I used to have everyday.

How do you think can I stop this habit? What should I do to move forward?

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You examine whether you have yesterday's feeling or not? What do you mean? Do you mind if I ask this question?


I mean i always look for the bad feelings which i used to have. Like if yesterday i felt horrible, today i am anticipating that my whole day will also become as horrible as yesterday and then i begin to feel awful


I totally understand you. We awake and look for yesterdays baggage hoping its not there. But the problem is if we keep look for something we're bound to find it.

Something that has help me since I first heard it is this..

"You cannot drive a car by always looking in the rearview mirror."

Remember you can't just look forward, you must move forward.

" you don't have to be able to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the next step.


OMG thank you for these kind and meaningful words.....


You're welcome. I've been in a dark place many times in my life. And many times all it takes is the "light" of a kind word to remind us which way is out. Good luck to you. I can't promise I can reply quickly always, but if you ever need reach out I'm here


Yes thanks again.... at least here i am able to express my true feelings, I am already tired of telling people how I feel especially to my friends because i feel that they dont really understand me because they have never experienced i do. its really hard to finish the day but I am always fighting. I am just thinking that this situation in my life will somehow change in the days to come. Im so glad i found this forum where people do understand and give advises.


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