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Amisulpride and Duloxetine



I just wanna know if anyone here ever taken amisulpride (amiabel) what are the benefits that you have noted when using this meds? did it really improve your negative thoughts? how did it help you?

also i was also prescribed with Duloxetine 60mg (psynil) i havent noted any difference or improvement ive taken this meds for straight 2 weeks and i felt nothing so I stopped. Do you think i have to go back and wait for its positive effects. what should I expect with this meds.

Thank you very much and looking forward for your inputs

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Please go back on the medication.

The psychotherapeutic meds take on average from 4 - 8 weeks to work, sometimes less. The medications by themselves only address the symptoms of the condition they are prescribed for. Hopefully, for your thoughts, you have been prescribed some psychotherapy (talking therapy) as well.

Usually your doctor will want to hear how you a progressing every 2-4 weeks while you get used to the medication. After that you can schedule medication reviews less frequently.

Have you got a treatment plan in place? This is very important to track changes in meds, appointments, consultation outcomes etc.

Let us know how you get on :)

You are right! my psych referred me to a psychotherapist but I didnt consult yet though i have plan to get one before this year ends. With regards to my medication. I did not continue taking duloxetine instead i went on with mirtazapine and quetiapine which I have proven to be effective in treating my sleep problem. I am also taking clonazepam for my anxiety. Ill be meeting my doctor by August.

Excellent news. I am on the mirtazapine and quetiapine combo for sleep too

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