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Panic attacks

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HI everybody. I really need help . Everything gives me panic attacks . Sketchy people , bodily sensations , urge to use the restroom , people upset at me , and even on the bus or just alone in my room. I'm 18 and it sucks because everyone likes to smoke weed and drink and I can't smoke or drink because I get panic attacks. Especially on weed. That's all everyone in my city wants to do , I feel so lonely that I can't participate and have a good time. I'm always on edge constantly. I've been on prozac for a little over 3 years. I Dont know why I'm so sensitive to everything... if anyone can give some tips on what to do during a panic attack that'd be amazing. Anyone who overcame panic attacks? Will I be like this forever? My anxiety got really bad in 9th grade when I was offered a cough syrup drink called "Lean" and I drank most of it really fast and a few hours later I was hallucinating and passed out and then woke up and vomited , my so called friends were laughing and taking pictures of me , that's when I knew it was time for a change. Ever since then it's been 10x more intense.

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