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Defeating Worry, Anxiety, and Depression

Hello. My username is 2happy-health, but that is not my given name. I've suffered with anxiety all my life. I started having depression after I had my son 30 years ago. After having him, I went through a separation, had to go back to My job as a high school teacher, moved, reunited with me husband, etc. There were so many major changes in my life in just a few months time. I try not to be a worrier and a negative thinker, but it's so hard after you've battled it all your life. A lot of scars from my dad's emotional abuse. I was very popular in high school, always was kind to everyone, but deep down I was forcing a smile on my face almost daily. I taught for 34 years, and retired three years ago. My dad abandoned us several times when I was small, so I have abandonment issues, and have always walked on eggshells to keep my family together. That in itself creates a great deal of stress. I am on an antidepressant, Prozac, but it quit working a few years ago. My OB/Gyn changed me to Effexor, which overstimulated my brain and made my worrying worse. I went to a Christian psychiatrist who has put me on a couple of SSRIs, but they didn't seem to work, so I asked her if she would put me back on Prozac, hoping it would work like before. Well, it didn't. Prozac was a miracle drug for me for over 20 years. I just want some suggestions on how to stop being a worrier and negative thinker. Nice to meet you all, and happy health to you!😊

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hi, you have so much racing around in your mind! I'm a teacher too, still working with pupils with physical/emotional problems and mental health conditions, also behaviour management. I have looked into the eyes of many 'lost' young people who have no idea how amazing they are and the survival skills they have learned on their journey. They are experts in their 'field'. I often have this conversation with young people when a relationship of trust is established between us, which can take time. I ask their advice, ask could they support another pupil etc... I learn from them every single day, they are so real, they appreciate honesty and can smell a patronizing rat a mile off!


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