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So Done

looks like I'm bk to my old ways today ... I'm feeling a bit suicidal. I absolutely hate this. My mother is on my nerves so bad I cannot handle it; she's being sexual w her boyfriend around me and I'm done. She let me know he'll come before me in some situations, but she apparently doesn't love me any less. Yeah whatever mom .... I want to cut myself so bad rn ... I'm really trying to avoid it by slapping a rubber band on my wrist so that I don't leave a mark . I hate my life at the moment

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It sounds like you're trying to stop yourself from cutting. That's actually really something to be proud of. You have the love of a mother, not all do. She might be trying to show you she loves you in a way that isn't right for you. If you can, try asking her for what you need if it's an hour with her alone or just watching a movie with her.


Hi being trapped at home with your mother won't last forever you know! I can't remember how old you are but you will be able to leave home in the next couple of years. Just make good use of the time you are at home and start planning your future when you can be independant.


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