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Just tired of being me


Today has been a little rough due to a couple different things. I had to calm myself down multiple times and it was so frustrating because while I know I've made a lot of progress I have times I get so stuck. My relationship is getting a little better but there's still a lot of work to be done. I just can't help but put myself down for all of the pain and frustration I've caused my husband. I keep wondering how I let myself get to this place and wondering how I'm going to keep going. During the day I can stay busy and get through stuff but at night I'm so lonely going to bed. I know I'm a good person and this doesn't define me but it's hard at times to make myself believe it.

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I can relate but I don't have much advice. I have been feeling really down and haven't felt this way in about a year. I feel like I'm a burden to my husband and that he is going to get sick of my anxiety and depression.

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You will overcome - you are worth it !!!!!! I suffer from anxiety and OCD and over the years I know I have become stronger because of it - reading positive literature and talking to a therapist as well as some great podcasts have helped me confront and battle my anxiety on the day to day -The anxiety coaches podcast is a great free resource as well as Anxiety Slayer - another amazing podcast when I was at my lowest with anxiety and depression -

Claire Weekes "Hope and Help for your Nerves is an amazing book about the truth behind our anxiety and depression from a pioneer in anxiety treatments ( and audiobook is read by her and wonderful if you prefer audio )

Not sure if your symptoms are related to OCD - but the idea of believing our thoughts and who we actually are has been one of my biggest hurdles in overcoming anxiety- this link might be insightful in what you're going through -


I feel like that but with my parents, brother and my only friend. I know i will feel like that if i try to make new friends....😔

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