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Hello everyone ive always tried to be the guy thats there for anyone who needs me and that part ill never change it feels good to help others but to be honest im am so lost i have depression and anxiety and panic attacks my mind is on a Rollercoaster ride everyday i find lil ways of dealing with it and it helps but deep inside im feeling alone i dont really have friends im not an asshole but i dont understand why im always alone i do take meds and no i dont talk to anyone professionally i tried that once and to be honest i know what i went threw in my life and im still here just not sure where or what to do anymore im not scared to die and sometimes it seems like a better choice. Sorry this was long hope everyone has a great weekend

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Sounds like you're going through a rough time. I'm lonely myself, today especially, I'm feeling down. I know how ya feel 💚 Do you think you should get your medication uped or switched? That might help. I don't think being dead is a good option. It seems like its either live a life full of anxiety and depression or kill yourself, that's how I feel a lot of the time, but then I remind myself that I don't want to be dead... I want to be happy. So I keep pushing forward and trying my best. This is what you need to do, keep trying ☺💚 I know its tough and everything may feel hopeless, but you never know what good things might come your way 😉 hang tight friend ☺

I can relate a lot to this, so you're not alone. I had no friends for years and now it's hard to make them. I'm getting there though, slowly, and you will too with time. By reaching out here you made a choice in the right direction, so celebrate that real quick. And feel free to message me any time.



You're a brave soul to be dealing with your anxiety, panic attacks and depression without meds. I respect your decision not to seek professional help.

Please don't harm yourself because you are in this really bad funk right now.. I actually do know how you must be feeling, because I have had those times also. Our brains sometimes mislead us when we can't figure out a solution to how we are feeling. We simply get tired of it.

You're feeling down because you are always there to help someone but then aren't included with the same people for some down to earth socializing.

How do you feel about inviting some of the people you have helped over for snacks and watch a ball game? Maybe just two or three. Or something similar....maybe some of those people have kids or grandkids that play ball....perhaps telling them you'd really like to go too and watch. Maybe it's just figuring out something you and those people might enjoy together. At the ballpark, you could leave after awhile if you get too anxious.

You have an advantage over me....you apparently have actual skills that people need, and probably the personality they like or they wouldn't turn to you for help. Maybe they just haven't thought to ask you not realizing you'd like to be involved with some activity they're involved in?

I get lonely, my husband isn't much of a social person and says he's happy with his life and it's up to me to find things for me to do. Duhhhhh.

Right now I really haven't figured how to change my situation, because I know when the depression sets in it is often because I feel alone. Had friends, but some have moved away, others are very occupied with their grown children and grandchildren. I understand, but it doesn't help the loneliness. Medication isn't going to change the situation. But I do take medication to ease the anxiety and depression that may not be totally associated with my loneliness. It keeps me stable enough to think straight.

Well, I'm thinking of you, hope you take a chance by getting involved in some way with the people you do know. They are acquaintances now, but maybe can become friends if you extend the opportunity.

At least think about that, ok? :)

I am the same way. It brings me such joy in life to help other people. Sometimes to the point where I put myself last in front of everyone. I would like to think we are selfless in the fact we put other people's happiness in front of our own sometimes but at the same time we want someone to be there for us like we are them. I don't have many friends but I do have a few and for that I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Just know you are not alone. I know sometimes it may feel like it but you're not. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world having hard time but then I come here and it helps. People like you help. So thank you for offering if I need someone to talk to and the invitation is always open with me. I truly enjoy talking to different types of people and I would love the chance to be your friend.

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