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Why am I depressed!

Could be that I am on dialysis. Have been for 4 years come December. I have had by-pass surgery 5 by-passes. I have diabetes. In 2013 I suffered a fall while at the Dr. office with my husband. Dislocated my knee and broke my right leg. Walk with a cane. Of course I can't walk very far my lower back hurts so bad I want to cry. I digress, when Dr came to talk to me told me he couldn't do anything for me at moment. I had been on Weight Watchers for a year. Did good.Felt good Looked good. He said I was malnourished, dehydrated, anemic and was suffering from kidney failure. SURPRISE! So now I am waiting for a kidney. My husband and my brother were tested. Nope. But you never know. God knows what you need. I never had a clue I had heart problems. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Maybe I'm just a whinny baby

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Welcome to the site and thank you for sharing with us.

I agree with Lilaclil. Mental health and physical health go hand in hand or occur cormorbidly as the professionals say.

The next thing is to book a long appointment with your local doctor to review your overall health and wellbeing. You have a long history and lots of notes so to make the best use of your time, make a short history of your own including conditions, treatment and current medications to review. The most important point is issues to discuss today i.e. depression and a referral to a psychologist. Most doctors appreciate having a copy to work with.

Here is a site that has a printed form which is useful bemedwise.org/documents/mak...

We all deserve to be the best we can be because we are worth it


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