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Hello all! I haven't written in a while and I'm hoping some people can relate to me right now. My doctor now has me on four different anxiety medications and antidepressants and I feel like a zombie. I'm so numb to life. I wake up and stare at the ceiling for two hours before mustering up the ability to drag myself out of bed to get water, just to lay back down again and watch tv. I have NO energy... my body feels like it weighs 1,000 tons. Not only do I have no energy, but I am extremely restless. My body is telling me to stay in bed but my mind is telling me to go outside. I hate this heavy, numb, restless, trapped feeling. I don't even know what to do with myself. I'm so frustrated from not understanding how I feel that all I can do is cry and lay in bed.

Has anyone else had such debilitating side effects? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to relieve this restless feeling?

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  • Please talk to your doctor about this immediately. In fact, just print out a copy of your post and show it to him/her. The psychiatrist will be able to read in a few brief minutes what would take you a half hour to explain. And hopefully adjust your medications accordingly. Am so sorry you are going through this.

  • Thank you for your reply! I know this is something I need to bring up to my doctor but the earliest appointment I could get is 6 days away and I can't bare the thought of being this zombie for that much longer..

  • Then call him now and tell him exactly what you are telling us. Doctors can help by phone and tell him you feel this has to be an emergency.

  • I took your advice and called the doctors to ask for permission to stop taking this medicine until my next appointment. They said they'll talk to her and get back to me but I've already decided on my own I'm going to stop taking this stuff as of today. Thank you for your help and concern.

  • NO, NO,NO, NO, DESIREE.......DON'T STOP TAKING YOUR MEDICATION UNLESS THE DOCTOR TELLS YOU TO. We don't want you to have a seizure or some other withdrawal crisis.

    That actually happened to me once when I thought I didn't need it for a couple of days.....was in the hospital for three days before the doctors figured out what caused my seizure. The battery of tests and the way I felt were no fun.

    PLEASE write back and reassure me you are taking your meds until you hear from your doctor otherwise.

  • I'm sorry I didn't realize it could effect me that bad! I promise I will not stop taking my medication until I hear back from the doctor.

  • Desiree,

    If you were my daughter and my arms could reach through this screen, I WOULD HUG YOU TO DEATH!

    You are a very bright and strong young lady to back away from your decision to just stop taking your medication until the doctor tells you to.

    Yeah, I was lucky....never want that to happen to anyone else. Thank you for letting me know. I'll sleep better tonight.

  • You have been so wonderful and helpful that I would gladly give you a hug right back! It is just so hard to continue taking them when I know they are what is causing me to be this ill.

  • I know Desiree. Is your real mum around for you to call and just talk to her and tell her how mature you were to even call the doctor and stand up for yourlf but not stop the meds until he told you to change them? It would make her very proud...and hopefully help your spirits out. If not, I'll be here. :) xoxo

    (Oh, I see TheInjuredBiker replied to you. He's an excellent young man for what I've seen.)

  • My mom and I no longer have a relationship because she doesn't believe in mental illness. In her mind I am a failure because I can't hold a job. But your kind words warmed my heart so thank you so very much!

  • Those things happen, Desiree.

    And then as time goes on it is amazing how they turn around.

    For now, I and the other people in this venue are here, and I a very proud of you.

    Many of us are professional and hard working people who deal with our issues all the time. Gets rough sometimes.

    We really do understand.

    If you ever really want substitute mums to "talk to or vent" or for whatever reason, just say that in your post.

    No matter what time of day it is, their out there reading and replying to the posts on this venue.

  • I have only got you to thank for that PTSDforyears :D

  • Alllllllright, smart a**. That's enough from you. :)

  • Haha! No in all seriousness, its true. You've helped me out so much! Anyway enough of this, you're not getting me to show my soft side ;)

  • I am having the exact same thing. I was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression following a motorbike crash 5 months ago and for the first 3 months I did exactly that. After getting signed off work I just laid in bed day after day on my MacBook or watching TV doing no exercise or anything productive. I used to be a big gym goer and had a relatively toned body but in the space of 3 months I became a twig. I was given no advice on how to get over this so I have just been forcing myself everyday to workout. My stamina is not the same as it used to be, nor is my strength but I guess these things take time. Maybe its the same for you? Was you an active person before all of this?

  • So nothing really lead you to be so tired, you just laid in bed all day because you could? I'm sorry, I'm just trying to understand. I know for a fact this extreme fatigue is from this new medication. I was definitely more active before this, I usually would hike or go for bike rides daily. Now I'm lucky if I'm active for an hour a week.

  • I coud have sworn I wrote about what my doctor said!! I think I am going mental!

    Basically the part that somehow disappeared said my doctor explained to me this is a common symptom with depression. All he said is to fight it without any proper advice so I have just been working out daily at home trying to build myself up again, I am constantly tired as well which is not like me.

    Sorry about the first message not making much sense!

  • It's absolutely fine! :) Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am so so sorry you're experiencing such extreme fatigue as well. It really does make you just want to lay in bed and give up but you're amazing for pushing through it and exercising daily. That is something I really wish I could do! My fatigue is so severe I sometimes can't even hold my phone because my arm is too weak.

  • Its really strange isn't it! A recent symptom of mine is very heavy and weak legs... which doesn't help me when I go back to work considering in my job I stand for 9-10 hours a day without sitting lol!

    I had to go to a doctor today and had to get a taxi back as I struggled with the walk.

    When my GP calls me in for my review, probably in 2 weeks I am going to raise this.

    Please let me know how it all goes with you and the fatigue!

  • Leave her alone PR. :)

  • Wow you're really pushing yourself with standing for 9-10 hours a day! That's seriously impressive. I will let you know of any updates or secret ways I can figure out to get some energy :)

  • It used to be 16-18 hours in my old job! But then again, when I talk to PTSDforyears my nickname is PsychoBiker so that probably explains it lol!

    I really wish you the very best, YOU WILL come out of this on top! Just unfortunately takes some time.

  • I can relate. I am not on anxiety medications and antidepressants but the rest of it sounds like my Fibromyalgia. Everything is to heavy to lift. Walking takes all my energy and effort just to go to the bathroom and its only 10 steps from my bed. I feel I need a nap just from taking a shower most days. I had hair to my waist. My arms felt like they were encased in concrete. Washing and drying and brushing my hair took around 6 hours. I had to rest and my arms would get sore. I now have short hair for the first time in over 30 years. I dont talk on the phone anymore because its to much effort to hold the phone and it hurts my arm and wrest.

    I can relate. I feel trapped inside my body. My hind brain doesnt understand why it cant do all the things it used to. Like go for a walk with the dogs. I miss walking my dogs. It was the only time this past year I left the house that wasnt to Doctors appointments.

    You are not alone. Have you talked to your Doctor about all this? If how you feel now is worse than what you were before, then you need them to change it. This isnt weight lose, you dont have to feel worse to feel better.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. That is exactly how I feel, like every little movement takes every ounce of energy I have. I am going to my doctor in 5 days and I'm going to tell her I need new medication because this definitely isn't the one for me. I honestly do feel worse than before.

  • Sorry to hear about that :( Have you tried anything else besides medication?

  • I see my psychiatrist monthly, a therapy group weekly, and a therapist once every other week. So I'm doing a lot to try to better myself it just seems like nothing is working at this point. I feel like I'm running in quick sand and its very discouraging.

  • You're definitely not alone, I feel the same

  • I'm so sorry you feel the same way. Is it from medication or just from depression fatigue?

  • I don't think it's from the medication, I've been on prozac for like 5 years I just dont see a point in getting out of bed ya know

  • Have you called your doctor again today? Or a call back from her?

  • Sadly, I have not heard anything back from them. I tried to call again today and no one answered. I did a lot of research and found I'm on the lowest dosages so it wouldn't be very harmful if I stopped taking them but I'm still taking them until I hear back :(

  • I am so sorry you didn't even get the phone answered. I am so proud of you that you are still taking the medication even if it's in low dosage form. The dosage may not be the factor in causing a very serious withdrawal or other side effects....the combination of them alone could.

    I again wish I could reach through the screen and hug you so tight you wouldn't be able to breathe.

    Really. :)

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